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Problem with Generate Meta Tags

Problem with Generate Meta Tags



i am new in Magento, and my english is not the best. (I am German) so be gentle with me! ;-)

I have more then 15 year knowledge about PHP programming.


I did delete (by accident) the attribute generate_meta.

I did create the attribute new.


1. the default wert is yes, but there show me "No" at the product edit page.

2. before i save, i change from "No" to "Yes".

3. After save no Meta tags generated.

4. Befor i did deleted everything works fine.


I did search the web for some resolution, but nothing found.

I use magento 1.9.2 with Legenda Template.


I hope some one can help. Thank you.


Re: Problem with Generate Meta Tags

Hmmmm..... i think this problem is special. I still didn't found some resolution.


Is there anyone who can help?