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Problem with Invoice & Shipment email

Problem with Invoice & Shipment email



I got problem regarding invoice and shipment notifications. My costumer dont get any notification for invoice and shipment. But they get order notification. I have setup "Send Invoice Comment Email Copy To" to send to my inbox, and it works to send email to my inbox. But not to my costumer.

I have even test to disable all extensions and try, but with no changes. Iam using Ashroder smtp pro extension and what i can see in the log that all email is sending. 


Any one who have idea how to resolve this?


Re: Problem with Invoice & Shipment email

Anyone who can provide me something?

Re: Problem with Invoice & Shipment email

Do you receive emails to the account that you are sending from with SMTP pro?


Make sure that you do, so that you can receive any bounce back or error messages.  


Double check that your settings for sending mail are correct by same credentials to send mail from the same server.  You can google instructions on how to send test emails eith from SSH or from a test PHP page.


Also verify the at the ip address of you webhost is not blacklisted at 

Re: Problem with Invoice & Shipment email

I have checked that i recieved mail. SMTP Pro is sending order confirmation, password lost, newsletter emails. Therefore its not problem with smtp server or the config. Its only invoice and ship notification mail which wont send. I have even test with disable all 3:d party extension with no result.

Re: Problem with Invoice & Shipment email

Too late to reply, but it can be helpful to another Magento User...

It's Good that you are using ASchroder_SMTPPro extension, just one more step to do is

  1. Go To System -> Configuration
  2. Look for the ASchroder Extension on the left bar and then click on SMTPPro...
  3. Then in Queue Configuration, set Queue Usage to Never...

By doing this, whenever the order is placed, the order confirmation mail will be sent within in seconds....


Also, the user must check about the order confirmation emails templates in the "Sales" option present in the left bar of System -> Configuration.