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Problem with Shipment Emails

Problem with Shipment Emails



First of all just wanted to say I've done a search on here and on search engines and unfortunately can't find a solution to my problem therefore I thought  I would ask you kind lot Smiley Happy 


The problem I'm having, as per the title is that my shipment emails are not being sent to customers below are some bullet points just to make is simpler and easier:


  • I've edited all the email templates which come with Magento. 
  • Order confirmations still go through fine. 
  • I receive a copy of the shipment email, so it is being sent to our inbox but not to the customer
  • Magento ver is CE 1.9

I believe the weirdest thing is that the shipment email is getting sent to me but not the customers, due to me getting the copy of the email, I'm unsure how long this issue has been going on for how if it ever worked, but its only recently that some new customers have emailed asking if there items have been sent, which prompted me to look in to it. I've also not made any recent changes to the settings etc that could cause this issue. 


Any help on this matter would honestly be appreciated. 


Thanks in advance 


Re: Problem with Shipment Emails

Anyone at all that could help with this? Really struggling to get this to work