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Problem with insert price

Problem with insert price

Hello! When I add product on my website and I insert a 6-digit amount I have no problem but once I insert an amount to 9 or 11 numbers as amount, it does not work.

For example if I insert $ 25,000 I have no problem, but I insert $ 250,000,000, after saving the addition of this product I find as price $ 100,000,000 and not the amount I inserted. 

Can you help me to fix this problem?


Re: Problem with insert price

That's Magento's limitation on prices. If you want to increase price maximum, you have to modify tables in where all prices are set. Those tables are:


But, also you'll have to modify all quote/order/invoice/creditmemo related tables, which means all tables with prefix sales_*.


What do you have to change? You have to modify every column whose type is decimal(12,2) to something like decimal(20,2).


For example, if you want to do that on catalog_product_entity_decimal table and its column value, you have to execute following SQL query:

ALTER TABLE catalog_product_entity_decimal MODIFY COLUMN `value` decimal(20,4) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'Value';

I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of such places.

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