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Problems Importing Product CSV file


Problems Importing Product CSV file




I have a very odd situation with importing a CSV file with products. The file has over 2700 products in it and passes the check data stage. However when I import it just hangs.


i did some experimenting and found that the hanging occurs on the 28th item. The first 27 items will import with no problems and then it hangs on the 28th. I have tried the following.


- deleting the 28th and trying again (the 29th being the new 28th etc)

- clearing cache and reindexing

- checking to see if there is anything different visually and I can't find anything.


I am stumped and would value some help.


I have added the file with 35 records to it in the following location:


There is a CSV (Excel) and an Excel file



Thanks in advance








Re: Problems Importing Product CSV file


Is it always the 28th item? If you moved the 28th item to the bottom of the file.. does it stop at the (new) 28th item again?


What I'm wondering.. is whether or not your server is running out of memory or having some other issue ; can you check your apache (or other webserver) error logs to see if that is showing anything up in there?

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Re: Problems Importing Product CSV file



Hi deleted the 28th item and then it just got as far as the next item before freezing.


I can't find anything unusual in the logs. The site is on a shared server which I use to run lots of test sites, so I guess there may be an issue somewhere but so far I haven't found anything.


I assume the format of the CSV is fine as it accepted the earlier items in the list and there is no change.


Not sure what else to try apart from running it on its own server.


Any other ideas?

Re: Problems Importing Product CSV file




I remembered I had installed the demo Madison shop elsewhere on the same box.


So I exported the products into a CSV file (over 700 items) and then re-imported and there was no problem.


So I don't think it's a resource problem. Something to do with the file or the setup.

Re: Problems Importing Product CSV file

Well it's not the file format that is the problem.


I have been able to import the file into the Madison demo without a problem (after altering the categories).


So I guess there is some system setting somewhere that is wrong.


Does anyone have any ideas what it could be before I start a setting by setting comparison between my setup and the Madison demo? Something that stops importing after 27 rows.



Re: Problems Importing Product CSV file

Well I have now narrowed it down to the images.


It will only import 27 images before freezing.


I have the images uploaded on to my web server in format defined in the manual so I can't see what's wrong.


Anyone have any tips?


Guess I will have to explore the Madison demo structure in more detail.

Re: Problems Importing Product CSV file


Ok. Have made a little more progress


I originally had the pictures installed in then media/import/ directory on my web server.


I notice with the Madison demo that the pictures are stored in the media/catalog/product directory. So I copied all the pictures here.


No when I import the file, the import process completes and all the products are imported, but the pictures are not shown when viewing on the web site.


Any has any ideas why?

Re: Problems Importing Product CSV file

Interestingly I am able to add a product image manually using the Product View in Admin.


It's all very odd.

Re: Problems Importing Product CSV file


Moving the images manually to catalog/product/x/x/foo.jpg won't actually help since Magento needs to reference these in its database etc.


I have ran into a similar issue on a custom import when dealing with images with the server exhausting the memory it had been allocated.


Do you have the capacity to increase your server memory via PHP (even if just temporarily) to see if it gets any further?


How do this can eb dependant on your server setup - however Magento usually sets this in the .htaccess file.

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Re: Problems Importing Product CSV file



Thanks for the tip. I will check it out.


I split the import into 2 jobs. One for non image data which worked perfectly and one with just the SKU and the image.


I managed to import 500 or so pictures but most failed. I had an error message with a red triangle. The message read


Skip import row, is not valid value "" for field "type"


The file only had 2 columns , SKU and Image. So I am not sure what happened.


The other question I had was for the images that were imported. The base_image, thumbnail, and small_image were not enabled. How can I ensure that these flags are all enabled when the iimages are imported?