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Problems for customer check out with payal

Problems for customer check out with payal

I hope someone can help!! My IT guy left a while ago and left me in the lurch!


When a customer places an order and tries to check out, the details from their cart and paypal are coming through as an order, with extra items added to the cart (that we do not sell!) and their address is being replaced with USA names and addresses - this means nobody can place orders and check out correctly - i tried myself and it replaced my address with a USA one, and added £400 worth of goods to the cart


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Im using Magento ver.




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Re: Problems for customer check out with payal

Hi @jjonnywag,


There isn't an easy answer.

I believe that you need to contact some specialist and ask for support (you'll need to audit the code and make some tests).

Maybe this can be something functional (restricton of countries, catalog or shopping cart rules) or maybe you have some compromised code.


My suggestion is to try to contact, at least, some specialist or provider or developer to audit the store.

This is the directory of Magento certified developers:

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