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Problems with multiple configurable attributes

Problems with multiple configurable attributes

Hello all,

Does anyone know how to get configurable attributes to take eachothers values into account?


I'm having a problem where I have a configurable product (in this case bras) and have three configurable attributes:
colour, size and cup size
Not all colours have all sizes available, and not all colours,sizes have all cups available.
So I've created a test configurable product and a few simple products e.g. (Simple products)
product1, colour:black, size:32, cup:A
product2, colour:black, size:32, cup:B
product3, colour:black, size:34, cup:B
product4, colour:white, size:32, cup:A
product5, colour:white, size:36, cup:A

However I can select any option on the drop down, obviously there is an error when I try to add an option that doesn't exist as a simple product to my cart.
Is there any way to ensure only items that actually exist can be selected or give an indication that this object doesn't actually exist on the page.
I have had a look at:
But I'm unsure if it's actually the problem I'm experiencing.
Note: I am on version, using a custom theme

If anyone has any hints or fixes I'd really like to hear them!