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Product Alert- stop email unsubscribe

Product Alert- stop email unsubscribe

Hi Guys, 


I have searched everywhere and cannot find the answer to my issue. We have items that are out of stock on our site and encourage our customers to be notified when back in stock.   This works flawlessly but in our industry of work, some items might be out of stock for months or only get one every few weeks.  After doing some testing, the alert email goes out once and then the customer is unsubscribed. In a perfect word, a store would not be out of stock of items all the time or as often. I would like to be stop this and let the customer unsubscribe on their own. I have complains that some customers did not see the email and were too late to purchase the item. They would like to stay on the list to be noticed on the next one. 


How would I go about doing this?


Re: Product Alert- stop email unsubscribe

Hello @ericrioux

Are you using a default Magento feature?

If yes, you can upgrade it by using this Out of Stock Notification extension. It will let your clients control their subscriptions as well as set alerts for out of stock options of configurable products as well as grouped products. You can control which items sold in your store have out-of-stock-notification feature.


Alternatively, you can let your clients to pre order items, please have a look at the Pre Order extension. However, it may not suit you since, as you've mentioned, many of the product you are selling are restocked not very often.

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Re: Product Alert- stop email unsubscribe

This was not the answer to my issue but well worth the money. Just the reporting part makes things easy to look at and see what customers are looking for. Really helps ordering new things.