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Product Quantity Reset to 0 in Admin

Product Quantity Reset to 0 in Admin

I am facing a problem on my Magento version Whenever I save product on backend, if I haven't changed quantity field, qty value resets to 0 even though value was > 0. If I change value of quantity to something else prior on saving product, value updates successfully which I found very odd.


The stock status remain "In stock" which causes confusion to clients because products are showing in stock on frontend, but when customer click add to cart warning appears that says, "there is not enough stock for this purchase".


Any suggestions for this debug will be highly appreciated, we have reset a huge amount of products prior to noticing that stock was getting reset which created a bit of a chaos.


Thanks in advance.


Re: Product Quantity Reset to 0 in Admin

Do you have any 3rd party extension for inventory/stock management? Warehouse management?


I suggest to you to turn-off 3rd party Magento extensions, one-by-one, check qty save functionality, until you find what causes issue.


Let me know if you find something.

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