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Product Quantity list

Product Quantity list

Seems as though some of my customer groups show the number of products in a category and some don't. Am I missing a setting somewhere to get this to show?

product no quantity.jpg

The number of products in the category was listed next to the category; for example

Certificates (3)

Management Development (7)


They seem to have been there prior to the security updates, just wondering if anyone else has the issue. If the functionality is gone, we'll live with it, but it was nice to have.


Re: Product Quantity list

I think whether the number is displayed is whether the category has layered navigation enabled or not. It is layered navigation/filters that would show the numbers within each category I believe.  This is normally turned on and off using the Is Anchor option.

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Re: Product Quantity list

Thanks, I'll take a look at that.

Re: Product Quantity list

Gave that a try. Changed the subcategory to is anchor Yes, is anchor No, no changes. Any other thoughts would be appreciated. Looks as though no customer groups with multiple categories have the count (quantity) of products showing in the category. Rather have it, but so long as not, at least it is consistent across the board. 


Solutions still appreciated. Thanks all