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Product attribute problem

Product attribute problem

Hello Smiley Happy

I have a problem on my customer's Magento 1. 

I didn't setup this Magento for them, another web agency did it. 


They setup 2 differents price type, by attrbutes:

- al mq (default)

- al pezzo.


Yesterday my customers had a need to implement a new price attribute: 'al ml', so I added it:

Schermata 2018-05-30 alle 11.08.36.png




So, I set on the product in the Price tab, "Tipo di prezzo: al ml", but on the frontend it is '+ IVA (VAT in italian, ndr) al pezzo', and not 'al ml'... like this:

Schermata 2018-05-30 alle 11.11.00.png


If i set Tipo di prezzo: al mq, on the frontend is right: + IVA al mq.


If i set the 'Tipo di prezzo' attribute visible on the frontend, it's right, like that, but not the IVA:

Schermata 2018-05-30 alle 11.12.53.png


Sorry for my bad english, hope you will understand.


Re: Product attribute problem

Hi @simone_bocchetta,


That seems to be a custom implementation.

Maybe there are so rule (or maybe not) that prints the legend according with the attribute value. I guess you could strat by checking that part of the code on your theme.

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