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Product category/product url Redirection

Product category/product url Redirection

Im looking for a M1 solution which will solve my current 404 problem. I have a "SALES" category where I put products into when they are on sale and when sale is over I move them back to their main category.


The problem is, when I move products out of the SALES category and put them in category X. Then the old product url will give me a 404 error. Example sales/nike_shoe will no longer work, if the product is moved to sportshoes/nike_shoe and I prefer not to make the redirection by hand.


I hope some of you have a soluton Smiley Happy

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Re: Product category/product url Redirection

Well as per Magento standards, URL for the product will work only if the product falls into that category.

An alternate solution is to assign both categories to that product. So you simply out of 404 error. Smiley Happy

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Re: Product category/product url Redirection

So if I allways at mimimum have one category added to the product, no 404 should happend? 

The category x path will redirect to the category Y bath if category x is removed from the product ?