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Product detail page problem

Product detail page problem


When the product detail page is opened, it takes a lot of time to show up.


The image is not heavy.


Please suggest


Re: Product detail page problem

Hi @raunhar,


This is what I've saw:


Área de trabajo 1_009.png



When I've started to sroll down I've saw there are images using lazy-loading but the load was pretty fast.

Re: Product detail page problem

Hi @Damian Culotta,

The link @raunhar shared is for the category page. If you actually go to the product page ( ), it is very slow. Sometimes I am getting 500 internal server error.

@raunhar it will be helpful if you can share the server configuration of your site and list of extensions you are using for product details page. 

Sometimes bad code can cause this kind of issues. If you know about profiler, please enable it and check which part of the code is taking more time to execute. This will give more insights into the actual issue.

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Re: Product detail page problem

Hosted on GoDaddy with 512MB RAM