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Product not showing dropdown options in frontend

Product not showing dropdown options in frontend

Hello forum , i need your help with a strange issue i have.


At first i installed Magento ver. CE and everything was fine. My theme was installed and then i created my custom attributes set in order to add my products with the options i like.


Then the "strategy" i followed for adding products was to add all my products as simple products (not visible individually) making sure the desired attributes set is selected and all the essential options like Quantity and Enable are set. After that i created my configurable products and associated them with my simple products as i show in some guides and everything was fine !


My products was visible in frontend and the dropdown menus with configurable options was visible !! WIN WIN !


As i continued to add products i just thought it would be nice to add another required attribute , the manufacturer , as i did and updated all configurable products with each's manufacturer. (only configurable products ! )


Suddenly and sadly i realised that when i was viewing a configurable product in my frondend there was no dropdown options for selecting my configurable options ! The even more strange is that i can still find one or two products which are displaying the dropdowns like they should !


So its time to ask for your help , any ideas ? Is there any way to "debug" my situation ?




Re: Product not showing dropdown options in frontend

Hey , 

I had created Confirguable Product in Magento 2 , but issue is that sometime it showing dropdown option or sometime not , Dropdown option(ie is  attribute_size and Color) . But it doesn't reflect . What was the issue 

Re: Product not showing dropdown options in frontend

Have you re-indexed the data and cleared your cache?