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Products and Images not Uploading

Products and Images not Uploading



I could really use some help because I've tried a number of things and cannot determine what the problem is.


I am running Magento 1.9.2. I have built my data into csv files and tried to upload them using the System>Import/Export>Import method as well as trying to use the System>Import/Export>Dataflow Profiles method and I'm having problems in both cases.


With the Dataflow method I made sure that the data I was importing reflected the same data structure and settings as the sample products that I have which currently display fine on the site. I uploaded the product images to the /media/import folder as walkthroughs showed. I ran the Import All products profile and while a handful of products didn't have their images found it confirmed that the majority of my products uploaded fine. However none of the products in this upload displayed in the product catalog afterward. The website and store fields were filled out just like the sample products that I have in the system. I have not idea where the system uploaded those products if it did at all because they are not displaying anywhere.


I can upload products using the System>Import/Export>Import method about 20 at a time and the products will appear in the Product Catalog but the images are not being imported from the /media/import folder as expected. Even if I upload the images manually they are not displaying on the front of the site.


Other than the 'Status' field and the other required fields (which are obviously always willed in since the import tool accepts the file) are there any other factors that can keep a product from displaying on my store? Can any attribute or attribute sets cause a product not to display if there is some kind of conflict? Does anyone have suggestions for how to make sure that the images import along with the product data? I feel like I've tried everything I can find online and I'm not seeing people with similar issues.


I appreciate whatever help or advice you  an offer.


Thank you.


Re: Products and Images not Uploading



You were asking about the required fields. Actually Export/Import tool of Magento admin is very peculiar to format of file - heading names and info in them. So you have to make sure that you have included all the required fields -


Also file should be saved with encoding UTF-8 without bom. It might also help if you create one products manually and export it, so you could get sample.


As for images, yes, you have to put them in media/import folder and in file put image name with leading slash like - /imagename.jpg  Also check if your media folder has all the permissions


Maybe you can put here a few lines of your import file so we could have a look and point you to the right direction.

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