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Products aren't using URL key/rewrite

Products aren't using URL key/rewrite



I am testing and experimenting with Magento EE v1.14.x. I have not managed or used Magento before.


I have around 66000 products loaded and up until a few days ago, URL rewrites appeared to be working fine. Now, as this is a testing platform it's hard to pin-point when they broke (I'm re-importing data dozens of times a day), but "suddenly" my product URLs are just appearing as:


I have checked the actual products via admin and they have URL keys assigned.

I have re-ran the indexers.

I have truncated the rewrite tables and re-indexed.

I have deleted all products and re-imported.


Nothing seems to work. Category navigation doesn't appear to suffer from the same problem.


It's just as though product URL rewriting has been disabled, but I don't know where to fix it.


Can anyone offer any suggestions or advice?


Thank you.





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