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Products not adding to front page

Products not adding to front page

I just do NOT understand why... but no products are showing on the front page of the site.


I bought a plugin ( and have it 90% set up.


There is a glitch - which I notified them of (adding clipart)...


but I've followed everything in the Magento set up instructions (and their advanced designer instructions) as instructed.


Magento is NOT putting the products in any way on the front page.


I even followed a tutorial on Youtube to force it to appear, and all I get is code (that I did add to force it as per the instructions in a video) - but it's still appearing. - you can see what I mean by the code there.


Yes, I've submitted a ticket to the support guys of that plugin, but their last one told me to go through the magento documentation, which I did.


(And yes, I have it set to not monitor inventory, BUT I did also follow instructions/suggestions to first have it track, add 1, then turn tracking back off, as these are custom printed products and do not require inventory).


So I'm stumped.


Any suggestions related to Magento that I might be missing?


Using version







Re: Products not adding to front page

Does your system log say anything about whitelisting?

Tanel Raja

Re: Products not adding to front page

No, my logs don't seem to show any errors, it's driving me nuts (I did set that to show, but it's not).