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Products not showing in the front end ( after restore and reindex

Products not showing in the front end ( after restore and reindex

Hi guys, I'm new in this forum and hope to get some help!


I'm having some trouble using Magento, more specifically using the indexing process and the products shown in the front store.


I have already tried several articles described in this forum with no success.
Some of the products are not being shown in the front store after a db restore process, but I already double checked all the default options regarding product visibility, status,
quantity, stock and what not.


The steps that caused the problem are described as follows:

  1. Everything was working fine, until I accidentally removed all products;
  2. Since I had a recent backup (generated by Magento), I managed to traverse de SQL document looking only for catalog recovery;
  3. Recovered the products using the SQL statements;
  4. At a first glance, it was all running smoothly, but inserting new products and reindexing after the restore, turned the old products invisible in the store.
  5. The restored products are PERFECT in the admin, with images and stuff.


The products included after the restore process are being displayed accordingly.

I have noticed that changing the values from column has_options and required_options to 0 (ZERO) from the catalog_product_entity table solves the problem briefly,
until the next reindexing process.


I've tried the plugin from OrganicInternet (Simple Configurable Products) in the past but already removed it entirely of the store. It is known that this plugin caused some
reindexing problems in the store.


I guess that the SQL statements that were restored could be inconsistent.


In the meantime I'm trying to create a new DB with Magmi, importing the full product data to check if I get some consistent DB and indexed data.


Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.