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Products not showing on frontend

Products not showing on frontend

Hi All, 


I've read multiple sites and searched, but now stuck. I installed Magento via cPanel (version installed was Logged in and received a lot of messages about security updates and versions. I went into Magento Connect but it said nothing to upgrade


I created a test product / category and uploaded a product, it's not showing. 

Below are the options checked / things I've done


I'd appreciate a fresh set of eyes at this, I think I'm missing something, but everything it says is the problem I've made sure is correct and I'm now stumped. The only thing that's confusing me is when I go to my website, it keeps adding index.php onto my home page. It's domain/cart as my store front URL. Magento sets it as domain/cart/index.php/. Is it redirecting elsewhere or is this a standard configuration? Hope someone can come up with an answer. It seems an amazing product, I plan on dropshipping with it, but I won't be using it if I can't iron out the small things first. 



- Setup as "enabled" for status

- Setup as "in stock" (also made sure the quantity in stock was at least 1)

- Visbility setup as "Catalogue, Search"

- Inventory (manage stock) - "yes"

- Categories - setup as assigned to my "root" category

- Can be viewed using a product URL : I think it was something like domain/index.php/product/view/ID/1, or something similar



- Setup as active (yes)

- Included in nav menu (yes)

- Is anchor (yes)

- Display mode (products only)

- Couldn't find the URL to navigate to cateory, when I thought I had the one I wanted it gave a HTTP:500



- I've flushed all cache / rebuilt all indexes

- Checked global configuration settings (Everything is set to use config for stock levels)

- Checked Catalogue > Inventory > Manage stock (setup as "yes)



I don't run a multi website configuration, but I'm confused about how it works with the stores. Is this setup correct?


Main Website
(Code: base)
Main Website Store
(Root Category: Printer Inks)
Default Store View
(Code: default)

Re: Products not showing on frontend

Your setup looks fine to be honest - have you reindexed the store?


Also; to confirm - you CAN goto the product directly via the catalog/product/view/id/x url ?


The 500 error when viewing the category would worry me too - can you check your server error logs to see if they say anything regarding that?

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Re: Products not showing on frontend



This is the URL to the product : and it works fine for me. 


I've tried to view the category, but tbh I don't know what the URL would be. 

I've checked the server error logs, on my webhost, the only one displayed is this...


  • I'm not sure if it's down to server security (need 777 permission anywhere?)
  • me going to wrong URL
  • or an incorrect local client configuration

 Edit - I think this error is probably down to wrong PW more than anything else. 

What is the URL for direct category links?


I might try installing a local copy of Magento on my home computer to test with. See if it's specific to my server configuration or my configuration


[Sun Oct 18 12:32:31.413641 2015] [access_compat:error] [pid 2070:tid 139910402660096] [client] AH01797: client denied by server configuration: /home/andrewho/public_html/cart/app/etc/local.xml


The "root" categories for reference if it helps are "Printer Inks" and "TEST - ROOT" as written in quotes...

Re: Products not showing on frontend

I'm not sure if this is me being an idiot here. I presumed that any new categories created would automatically show on home page when things are rebuilt. Do you have to add them


I decided to run through had a new bash at other things. Did some more research .I tried inserting a widget for the categories into the CMS page. I made sure I selected the category ID (1) - the others are greyed out so I'm assuming the add to navigation page option


The link now shows on my Home page for the category (called 1), when I click it redirects to the following URL with a HTTP:500 error


The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.


This is the URL it's pointing to :


Any further thoughts as to what's causing the issue? I can now get it to show the category but it's bombing out when trying to show the contents or browse to the category. Hoping this may help

Products not showing on frontend

Same problems...


RESULTS FROM magento-check.php


Just uploaded the magento-check.php file and ran it. Think I may need to go back to my hosting provider. It was offered in my cPanel installation to install..... this is what my cPanel shows...

MySQL Version5.5.44-MariaDB


Your server does not meet the following requirements in order to install Magento.
The following requirements failed, please contact your hosting provider in order to receive assistance with meeting the system requirements for Magento:

  • You need MySQL 4.1.20 (or greater)


The following requirements were successfully met:

  • You have PHP 5.2.0 (or greater)
  • Safe Mode is off
  • You have the curl extension
  • You have the dom extension
  • You have the gd extension
  • You have the hash extension
  • You have the iconv extension
  • You have the mcrypt extension
  • You have the pcre extension
  • You have the pdo extension
  • You have the pdo_mysql extension
  • You have the simplexml extension

RESULTS from magento-cleanup.php

----------------------- CLEANUP START -------------------------

*************** SETTING PERMISSIONS ***************
Setting all folder permissions to 755
Setting all file permissions to 644
Setting pear permissions to 550

****************** CLEARING CACHE ******************
Clearing var/cache

************** CHECKING FOR EXTENSIONS ***********
-= WARNING =- Overrides or extensions exist in the app/code/local folder
-= WARNING =- Overrides or extensions exist in the app/code/community folder

------------------- CLEANUP COMPLETED in:17.2040 seconds ------------------

Re: Products not showing on frontend



It seems you're having big problem.

I just have one small suggestion. Try to set your Tax class in Price tab, i didn't see you mention it.


Best Regards,


Re: Products not showing on frontend

Thanks Jimmy

Is the tax tab based on the product information or the category where I need to apply it ?

I will try amending it. Although I can't even view categories themselves I get http500

I'll try the change when I get home. I'm very interesting in using dropshopping with magento although this configurat ion issue is really bothering me

Re: Products not showing on frontend



It's inside product edit, Price Tab. Usually, it's None.


More about your 500 error, 500 = internal error, usually it happens when something wrong with the code, you should enable Developer mode to see what the error is.


From this point i can say that your store has its own problem so you have problem with product is understandable.


Best Regards,


Re: Products not showing on frontend

Thanks. It's not the tax option causing the problem. I'll enable the developer mode on the site as I can browse the products without a problem. It's when I browse the categories I get the http 500 error message

I almost think it's a url rewrite error ill keep working on it. I get a lot of visits on my personal site so I want to integrate magento into it too

I'll keep at it

Products not showing on frontend

I just tried a fresh install and having the same problems. I enabled developer mode and nothing popped up. Should I be looking for something specific?


When I'm trying to "browse" the category, I have inserted a Widget on the CMS home page for category link to this category. Is this the correct method. 


Also the URL for the category is :


whereas the URL for the test product was basically a stripped down version, something like /cart/test-product.php


Do the categories work differently?