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Products not showing on homepage

Products not showing on homepage

Hello All,


I've done my research before coming here and I still have no resolution.   I have 1 product now and it does not show on my home page.  I have tried ALL suggestions out there when I search the term for Magento Products Not Showing On Home Page.  Specifically I can confirm that :

  1. The products ARE Visible in Catalog.

  2. The products ARE Enabled.

  3. Product DO HAVE a stock Quantity. (10 in fact)

  4. The product IS set to In Stock.
  5. The product IS assigned to the target Category.
  6. I HAVE re-indexed, cleared cache and updated cache
  7. I HAVE put the code line of text in where I can call all products (I can;t seem to post it here but its the one that is referred to often
  8. I HAVE ensure there is NO BLOCK for the items

I have exhausted all my options that I can see.  I am running version  (this is what was installed as part of my hosting package).   I would love some help if anyone is willing.


The store is     






Re: Products not showing on homepage

Hi @adldata,


Using the advanced search (link on the footer) I was able to find:


It seems you don't have a category on your menu. Also, if you click on the product you'll get some errors with the CSS.

Maybe there's something wrong with your server configuration.

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