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Products, where art thou?

Products, where art thou?

Hi All,


I've been struggling with the setup my first Magento store for a few months now. Can't get past the most basic part of getting the products/categories to show up.


Been trying everything google/forums say to check:


- Setup as "enabled" for status

- Setup as "in stock" (also made sure the quantity in stock was at least 1)

- Viability setup as "Catalog, Search"

- Inventory (manage stock) - "yes"

- Categories - setup as assigned to my "root" category



- Setup as active (yes)

- Included in nav menu (yes)

- Is anchor (yes)

- Display mode (products only)



- I've flushed all cache / rebuilt all indexes

- Checked Catalog > Inventory > Manage stock (setup as "yes)


I've switched hosting to SiteGround to make sure the server can handle it. I've today reinstalled it again via softaclous to give myself a clean copy to check these things all over, still no joy.


Urgh.... I'm probably missing something so simple here, no doubt a single little checkbox buried somewhere. (hits head against wall)


Any help would be much appreciated,




Re: Products, where art thou?

There's the checklist:


1) Make sure that chosen root category is assigned to your store (it probably is unless you changed something).

2) Make subcategory under root category above (Root category itself is just a category container and putting products there makes no sense).

3) Make sure that category is active, also make sure that category is included in navigation menu.

4) Create product.

5) make sure that status is enabled and visibility is "catalog, search".

6) For testing purposes Make sure that under Inventory Manage Inventory is set to "No". This means that we don't need to keep inventory -- because product is always available.

7) Make sure that under Websites all boxes are checked (you probably forgot to do it).

8) Make sure that under Categories all appropriate categories are checked. You can check all categories at first for testing purposes.

9) Make sure that the rest of mandatory fields are filled (Magento should complain when you try to save without filling them first.

10) Reindex everything.

11) Flush all caches.


After everything described above you should be able to see your products and categories.


Tanel Raja

Re: Products, where art thou?

Thanks Pronto,


Double checked everything you listed, only thing I couldn't find was "7)Make sure that under Websites all boxes are checked."


Where do I find that?



Re: Products, where art thou?

Manage products. Once you open a product there's a number of left-side tabs. One of them is Websites.

Tanel Raja

Re: Products, where art thou?

Can't see it, screen grabbed what I'm looking at:

Re: Products, where art thou?

Anyone got any other ideas?