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Random products dissapear

Random products dissapear



We have just noticed a weird problem when adding new products in the back-office..

I tried to add 6 new products, one-by-one, all the same type of product, only different name, price and SKU.


The first 5 products showed up with no problem at all (ID: 657 to 661)

But the product with the ID 662 only blanked out the fields when I tried to save it.

And when I tried to create another product after that, it showed up with the ID: 663.


Ergo; The product with the ID 662 is nowhere to be found in either the back-office, front-office NOR the database.

I'm afraid this might happen to other product as we go along, and this might cause fuzz in our shop at some point.


Any input would be greatly appreciated!