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Redirects to other store view

Redirects to other store view



I've just came across a problem after using Magento for a year... and I don't know how I did not noticed this issue previously:


We have two store views:


- code: default

- url: /


- code: en

- url: /en/


So there is an extra /en/ in the url for the Englis site, and by default the Hungarian site is loaded.


But the problem is: if I select the English store view, and then remove the /en/ from the url (for example /en/payment -> /payment), it will redirect me to the /en/ homepage. I have to cselect the Hungarian store view to view the Hungarian pages again. But once I'm in the Hungarian store view, and add /en/ to the url (for example /payment -> /en/payment), it will load the English page correctly.


So the problem appears only when I'm in the English store view, and want to open a Hungarian page by url (for example from a search engine or ref link).


Any idea to solve this problem?


We may move the English one to a new domain later (should be Magento 2.0), but until then, I'm looking for a fix.







One workaround I have found is that we might disable the 'store' cookie (that by default contains 'en' on the English store, and gets deleted once we scitch back to the Hungarian "default" page). In this case we would be able to open any page any time, but of course returning visitors would need to choose store every time.