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Relisted items keep ending

Relisted items keep ending

We have had our Magento store running and syncing with our ebay store via M2E now for around 3 months. I have a few issues but one in particular is the items that people have purchased on ebay and not paid. We go through the unpaid item process and recover our fees, ebay relists the item which goes back into stock on Magento then just after midnight the item will end. I relist it by bringing the Magento inventory back to 1 and in stock and the same will happen again just after midnight. I thought it was an M2E issue but they assure me it is not. My developer has no idea, we have checked all settings tried waiting a week or more before relisting, removing the said items from 3rd party listings and adding to an M2E listing and still the same. There has also been an occasional item ending for no apparent reason. Unsure if it makes any difference but we have a large inventory over 12000 items most of which were imported from ebay. Help please.



Re: Relisted items keep ending

This is still an issue and makes it very hard to keep an accurate inventory. Any clues ??