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Removal of .html suffix from product URL

Removal of .html suffix from product URL

Hello; I am desperately hunting for someone who has experienced this issue as I may start pulling my hair out...


We are trying to remove the .html from the end of our product URL's as it is causing the GCLID to drop in analytics.


We have checked:


System > Configuration >Catalog > Catalog > Search Engine Optimizations, Product URL Suffix and Category URL Suffix are both blank.  The Product Suffix was .html so we cleared this, cached and reindexed but this made no difference.


We checked the htaccess file and did the following:


Find RewriteBase / in your .htaccess file and add the following directly below it:-


We then recached and reindexed but this broke the product pages so I #'d it.


We have Creare and Manadev installed but I have disabled both of these on our dev site and the .html is still in place so I do not think these plugins are to cause.


Does anyone have any other ideas?  I have trawlled pages of Google to no avail; most are the quick fix i.e. removing the .html from the product url suffix box with a quick cache and reindex but we know this has not worked and I am now running out of ideas.  Another developer has said just to disable each module we have one by one on our dev site - this has not proved fruitful either.


Please help if you have experienced this Smiley Very Happy


Re: Removal of .html suffix from product URL


What happens when you remove the .html from the url when you are on a product page?

Re: Removal of .html suffix from product URL

it just gives 404 error, if we add .html back to URL it redirects correctly

Re: Removal of .html suffix from product URL

The default value of each is . html. You can change it to something else, or to remove it from URL addresses just delete it. Then click on the Save Config button in the upper right corner.