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Removing product id from product url

Removing product id from product url

As you may know, if you have products that share a url key, the url key will have a digit appended to it:


How do I find the source of that 6260 (which is one of the #'s appended to my urls)? I tried product id, sku, I cannot find the source of it. The reason I ask is because if I can find it. how to remove this product id from the url???. can i truncate all core_url_rewrite table???....and then reindex ???



Re: Removing product id from product url

Magento Development Support Team says that if you have two products with the similar id, url key is going to have the product id showed up towards the end. To end this issue, check if any of your products have the similar name. This problem will not occur all of your products have unique names. Clear cache and re-index if it doesn't work.