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Rule Based Relations acting strange in EE


Rule Based Relations acting strange in EE

I'm on Magento EE 1.14.2. Here is my setup.

  1. Attribute used: flavor_profile = multiselect attribute.
  2. Rule based relation
    - Type: related products
    - Matching Rule: *flavor_profile contains **Match product Flavor Profile***
    - Limit: 3
  3. My system config is set to shuffle the results.

So, this rule is working. However, as I browse from product to product the same three matching results are displaying in my related section. First, there are more than three products that match this rule. Secondly, I have "shuffle" turned on for the matched products so I feel like I should be seeing a different set of products per product.

Grand finale: Cache is disabled.


Re: Rule Based Relations acting strange in EE

Hi @tylerofathenry, were you able to get this sorted? As you are on EE, you should be able to open a ticket with our support team.


Community Manager, Magento
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