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Run my website on a localhost

Run my website on a localhost

Hello there, first apologies if this is the wrong forum for this, but I just assume this is the closest related to my problem. So here as it goes. We run a website on Magento technology version The website is running fine, hosted on HostGator, and days pass on buy without any great changes. And here is the deal. I ran a localhost with WAMP server on windows 10 and also found here some old versions of Magento, because I want them to be the same as the website. The boss wants to run the website of the localhost so if we are about to make some migration or just to make significant changes to the website first to apply them and/or just to make a simple try on the localhost based website. Now I've found this - 


And I do as It goes: 

1. I export the database from the HostGator web account and i download it to the r

2. Put the downloaded Magento files in your localhost root folder

3.Create a blank database(lets say it 'local-database') in your local computer and import the database backup that you exported from the live one

4. Delete/Rename the file app/etc/local.xml

5 Re-install the Magento using the local-database.


(i)Flush all cache. (ii)Re-Index all data. (iii)Flush all cache.


Sure, but nothing happends. I try to front end but it just stays to the default theme. I notice that the version of PHP that I need for Magento is 5.6.40 . No troubles with that and I just switch it from the WAMP change PHP version left click(on the little WAMP icon bottom right) option. But when I open the downloaded Database from the web server with notepad, it is written clearly as hell that the version of PHP is 7.3... something. If I switch the version of PHP to that version of the Database it gives me a critical error when I try to load localhost/magento/index.php . Is it possible because of this discrepancy of the versions of PHP my website to be not running ? 


I simply need some ideas how to make it work. Any idea or help is gladly accepted. Please help!




Re: Run my website on a localhost

Hi @stefan_stanchev,


Actually no problem with version for magento supports PHP 5.6. But you need to configure your theme by following steps.

1. Admin->Content->Configuration. Click 'Edit' button of theme you want.
2. Then you can see 'Applied Theme' select box under Default Theme tab.
3. Choose the theme you want. Click 'Save Configuration'.

If you get solved by this solution, then give kudos and accept as solution

Best regards