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SEO Indexing

SEO Indexing

Hey everybody,


I am running into a few indexing issues with my Magento SEO.

They might all be related and I'm hoping somebody has some idea what's going on.


1. My category pages aren't showing up in Google's index.

I've optimized category meta tags, and they're reflected on the page, but they're not indexed.

Product pages do appear to be indexed as normal.


2. My category search pages are showing up in the index.
I think I need to noindex them, but I can't seem to get that to work.

I have noindex code in the robots.txt file & in the local.xml file, but it's not working.


3. My listing URLs are showing up in search results. I've got URLs with ?s and lists indexed in Google. I think I need to block them.


Any ideas?


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