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SKU Specific Coupon Code Set Up Issue

SKU Specific Coupon Code Set Up Issue



I am using Magento version and am trying to create coupons that are related to product specific SKU's via the shopping cart price rules, however I am continually getting the message 'Coupon Code "...." is not valid' when trying to enter the rule at the checkout.



I have ensured that the attribute SKU is has Use for 'Promo Rules Conditions' set to 'Yes' by going inti Catalog then Attributes and Manage Attributes.


I am then setting up the coupon via a Promotions Tab - Shopping Cart Price Rules.

In rule information we have the following:-


Rule Information


Rule Name: PeteTest

Description: PeteTest

Status: Active

Customer Groups: All selected

Coupon: Specific Coupon

Coupon Code: PeteTest

Use Auto Generation

Uses per Coupon: 100

Uses per Customer: 100

From Date: 27/11/2020

To Date: 27/11/2020

Priority 0

Public in RSS Feed Yes




If ALL of these conditions are TRUE:


If an item is FOUND in the cart with all of these conditions true:

SKU is 2111




Apply: Percent of product price discount

Discount Amount: 50

Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To: 100

Discount Qty Step (Buy X): 0

Apply to shipping amount: No

Free Shipping: No

Stop Further Rules Processing: No


If ALL of these conditions are True: SKU is 2111


Does anyone know why the code is invalid?









Re: SKU Specific Coupon Code Set Up Issue

Hello @marketings14e9 


When we apply any cart rule, there we can have two conditions :

1. Condition inside Condition Tab

2. Condition inside Action Tab


1. Condition inside Condition tab : it is like top layer of your cart rule which decides that on which condition the cart should comes under cart rule or if that cart rule will be applied or not.

2. Condition inside Action tab : it works like that cart rule is already applied we need to tell them on which products we have to give discount.


for Example : if you want to apply cart rule of 10% on all items only if your cart has more than 3 quantity then you will setup on top layer (i.e. Condition inside condition tab) but if you want to put a condition like you want to apply discount on all shoes(call it a category) items then you don't put a condition outside, you just simply need to tell that only apply actions on these type of products then we will use Condition inside Actions tab.


Answer of this question : You should remove condition from Condition Tab and simply put condition in actions tab that if any item found in cart which have SKU is 2111 then apply coupon.


Hope it helps to understand ! 

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