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SQL 23000 1452 error

SQL 23000 1452 error

Looking for a solution that basically has our web developers stumped.


The scenario:
Multiple users of our marketplace platform have experienced the attached error (SQL 23000 1452 error) when uploading an image to their store.  This completely disrupts the onboarding process, erases their information for that particular product that they just inputted and does not allow our users to continue to upload additional items.   

We assume the issue might be caused by an image size but are looking for insight from users on this forum.  I was able successfully upload the image after reducing the file size of the image to 2Mb from 11Mb and the display size to down to 1100 x 1100 from 5200x2500.  But the bigger issue is that we need a solution to how to not have it break the uploading session that our user is in and allow them to choose an appropriate image and continue to setup their store.


Thank you in advance for your help and expertise.