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SSL Cert and Secure/unsecure URLS

SSL Cert and Secure/unsecure URLS

Hi all, so I am getting my head around magento 1.8 and I have just purchased an ssl cert.

From what I have read I will need to:

-Change only my Secure Base URL to include https rather than http.

-Change my "Use Secure URLs in Frontend" to yes

-Change my "Use Secure URLs in Admin" to yes


However I have noted there are some instances of people not being able to log into their admin panel, is there something else I need to do also?


 Thanks All!


Re: SSL Cert and Secure/unsecure URLS


When you say that people are unable to login to Magento admin, what exactly do you mean? Are they able to access the magento backend? Are they redirected back to the login page when they try to login? If yes, then have they tried using a different browser? 

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Re: SSL Cert and Secure/unsecure URLS


In particular these 2 posts.


While the first one is due to an incorrect installation of an SSL cert I am unsure also how to make sure the cert has been installed correctly. This was done by my hosting company.


The  second one was due to a new server but as the issue was caused by a base URL name change, I am unsure if a similar name change using the guide below will result in an error