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SSL and Add To Cart

SSL and Add To Cart

So I've just updated my SSL certificate because it was set up wrong in the past. It used to cover instead of the checkout and back end (admin).


After making the fix, my Add To Cart button is no longer working, it just turns into a little spinning/loading icon and does nothing. This is from http and not https. If I change the product url to https:// and hit the Add To Cart button the product WILL go to the https cart.


I've also found that I have to shopping carts one https and http: and


I guess I have a few questions:


1. Why do I have the two different shopping carts?


2. Why won't the http product go to the https cart?


3. I'm pretty sure that the https product page shouldn't exist as I'm only paying for SSL on admin and checkout. So why does it exist?


4. How can I fix this? I need my http products to go into the https shopping cart.


I can provide codes and things if any of that would help solve this.


Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks




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Re: SSL and Add To Cart

I suspect although cannot be 100% sure that this is caused by the fact your HTTP cart is trying to addtocart using an HTTPS url:


<form action=",,/product/138/" method="post" id="product_addtocart_form" enctype="multipart/form-data">


Normally this form action would match the inbound protocal so http:// for HTTP and https:// for HTTPS pages...

Re: SSL and Add To Cart



That's pretty much what I suspected, that the http shop is sending to http cart instead of https cart. How can I fix this? I'm pretty new to coding and all this web stuff...


Should I be concerned that there's a HTTP and a HTTPS version of both the site and the cart? Is there a fix for that or is that normal?


Thank you for your help!