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SUPEE-8788 and CE .. missing CMS blocks?


SUPEE-8788 and CE .. missing CMS blocks?



I recently successfully updated my CE1.9.0.1 server to SUPEE-8788, however now on the home page, the cms blocks are no longer appearing. I know in more recent versions of CE, there is the System > Permissions > Blocks functionality to allow for whitelisting certain blocks, however in, there is no Permissions > Blocks.. any ideas what could have gone wrong or what I can do about this?




Re: SUPEE-8788 and CE .. missing CMS blocks?

Nevermind me!


Patch 6788 solved this issue, and as this was a new development I did all the patches in succession, and mistakenly never cleared cache and logged out and back in .. thus now after doing so, the Blocks tab is under permissions. Thanks!