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SUPEE-9767 V2 in version

SUPEE-9767 V2 in version

Good morning I have installed the patch version SUPEE-9767 V2 con system version

Now I have recived email with this message "we strongly recommend that all merchants upgrade to the latest release or SUPEE-9767 version 2 as soon as is reasonably possible. Merchants who have already successfully installed SUPEE-9767 version 1, Community Edition, or Enterprise Edition, are still encouraged to upgrade when convenient to avoid any issues. Note that you must revert SUPEE-9767 version 1 before deploying version 2."

Do I have to install patch V2 in the system version?

I your answer is YES, I don't found where download the patch SUPEE-9767 V2. 

I waitng your response.


Gianfranco Facchini


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Re: SUPEE-9767 V2 in version

Hi @digitalenetwork,


You should apply the patch.

You'll find it on

Área de trabajo 1_001.pngMagento patches download page


 Click on "Release archive" and then scroll down until:

Área de trabajo 1_002.pngSUPEE-9767 patches




There you'll find the patches.


If you got the first version, you'll need to revert that patch version and then apply the V2. If you didn't apply the V1, just apply the V2.



Happy patching!

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