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Sales Order

Sales Order

Hi there,


I was hoping someone could advise. My online store is receiving emails for order but not on the magento admin site. There are no new orders coming onto the site reading for Processing. Is it something to do with the notification as per picture:



Re: Sales Order

Hi @CiaranC,


I didn't understand the problem. Could you please give us more information and clarify the scenario?

The screenshot that you attached is related to cache management, which is not related to store emails.

Best regards.

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Re: Sales Order

Hi Gabriel,


I now understand that the Cache management has nothing to do with the store emails.

The problem I am having is, that there seems to be a conflict of Order #'s. Some orders recently have come through to our email but are not showing up on our Magento to process. The order number on the ones that aren't showing on the site are the same as previous order #'s. 


Do you have any information that might help?


Kind regards,