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Sample data some pages not working

Sample data some pages not working

Hi everybody,

Oke so I've got a weird error with my development server. I can't seem to open some products, I get "The page isn't working, is currently unable to handle this request. 500".


But this only happens with the product pages of Eyewear, Jewelry, Bags and all the product pages of Home & Decor. The overview page where all the products are shown work fine. The product pages of the Clothing and Shoes are working fine too.


I tried:

- Reindexing everything

- Turning ON and OFF Search Engines Optimization

- Flushing cache and manually clear out the var/cache folder

- Restarting apache2 service

- Checking if mod_rewrite is on (It is)

- Checking .htaccess file for: RewriteEngine on and RewriteBase /

- Googling the hell out of this problem


My setup is:

Vagrant box, Ubuntu 14.04.4 with apache2



I'm completely stuck and I hope somebody here can help me.

Thanks for the effort in advance!


Re: Sample data some pages not working

Oke so something super weird happend.


When I insert the following in my index.php: Mage::setIsDeveloperMode(true);

The pages that didn't work all of a sudden work, when I remove this line then it's the same problem again.


Re: Sample data some pages not working

This post can be closed. It all worked all of a sudden, it might have something to do with the module I was developing.