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Saving configuration and emails send problems

Saving configuration and emails send problems


When i edit e.g. Store Hours of Operation in Configuration->General>General the key is edit/section/general/key/2782d337122c35624f77cab76da7c5d1/

in browser console  when 1 save changes Navigate to this same key edit/section/general/key/2782d337122c35624f77cab76da7c5d1/


But when i wont change configuration in Configuration->Sales->Sales Email the key is edit/section/sales_email/key/2782d337122c35624f77cab76da7c5d1/
but on save Navigated to index.php/admin/system_config/save/section/sales_email/key/02067e1f92ae2f95912d61be5f906a2f and display  402 (Payment Required)_submit @ form.js:108submit @ form.js:68onclick @ (index):899

When I uninstall Fooman_EmailAttachments extension I can save configuration bae noe order emails still not sending...


Re: Saving configuration and emails send problems

Thanks for using our extension.


It sounds like there are a couple of issue you are trying to work through:


Issue #1

Emails are not being sent. This issue seems to exist irrespective of our extension installed or not so is very likely not related to our extension code. One thing to note which gets overlooked a lot is that Order confirmation emails in Magento 1.9. are only sent when you have an active and working Magento cron job - see these instructions here


Issue #2

When our extension is installed some javascript issue appears. Our extension does not add any javascript itself so I am not 100% on the relation. Also the message 402 Payment Required seems unrelated (unless you have a wrong translation and meant Permission Required - in which case I'd suggest logging out and back in again to have Magento reload permissons after installing any new code).

One thing we did come across in the past is that our extension adds lots of options to a settings page which already has quite a few options. This can result in the final request  being sent to the server hitting a limitation on the php POST. I'd suggest taking a look (or get your host/sysadmin) at the following  post_max_size and max_input_vars (also check if restricted via suhosin).