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Saving form states and login?

Saving form states and login?

We are using a third party developer at least to do the initial setup of a Magento site (to meet a tight timeline - eventually we hope to learn enough of the platform to take over maintaining and updating the site ourselves). In the meantime, we are relying on the third party and their knowledge of Magento to set up the website.
One of the issues we are running into is that we do not wish to prevent a user that is not registered from being able to view our products and product options. We also don't want to separate the information and the ability to order a product to make it easier for someone interested in 'buying' to do so without having to look very far. As a result, we have a basic info page included on the order form, which allows users to see the options available along with descriptions of what those options represent.
The problem is that the developer is not telling us that they "can't" save the state of the form -- or at least not before the user is logged in - then require them to sign in and either come-back to the form (with whatever they had already selected populated) or take them on to the next step after they have logged in and registered. They claim it "cannot be done in magento" which doesn't sync well with me as I've 'designed' CMS systems as well as helped maintained a number of non-magento pre-fab CMS mechanisms and there is generally always some way to save a form state.
So what I need to know is an affirmative that 'yes this is possible' as well as some possible sources to show them so I can speak with more authority when I essentially ask them "what the hell are you talking about???"  If there's any reason Magento would not be able to do this, someone please explain why not.


Re: Saving form states and login?

Hi @treii28,


Can you share a public URL of your store?

I'm not sure if I've understand the whole idea but, byt default, you can allow guests customers to buy something (and if you want, you can force customers to register to be able to coplete the checkout process).

What you described seems like some kind of customization but maybe it will be easier to understand if there is a public URL to check.

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