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Search dosen't work on

Search dosen't work on



I've just upgraded my store from 1.9.3 (which had a glitch in the search that showed all products when searching) to, and now the search shows no products.

What I've tried (and didn't fixed):


  • Roolback the file app/code/core/Mage/CatalogSearch/Model/Resource/Fulltext.php to version 1.9.3 and
  • Cleared Cache
  • Reindexed
  • Changed folder permissions

When I restore the files from version 1.9.3 the search start "working" again (showing all the products)

The only search module I use is one that show proviews of the products, and this module is working fine.


Thanks all!


Re: Search dosen't work on

Hi @WeRules,


Some users found problems after the upgrade because a 3rd-party module made an override over Mage_CatalogSearch module.

Can you check if that module is applying a rewrite of some class and cna you test your store without the 3rd-party module?

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