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Search is not turning up any results

Search is not turning up any results



On our website, when I attempt to search for a product, nothing comes up in the results.


In the backend I have all individual products set to 'Not visible individually' with the Configurable product searchable everywhere.


Does anyone know why this is happening? I was told to set the simple products to visible in catalog search however, when I do does, I get 4 of the same item coming up as in most cases there is SM-XL in the products we do, however even when I am searching a product that only has 1 item in it, it still doesn't turn up results.


However... (sorry if I am confusing anyone!) when I search something that I have just put on, it loads that fine.


Is there something in the back end where I can refresh the catalogue or anything like that? It's quite frustrating as I am sure I have pressed a button before and got it working again, but I just don't know where it is anymore Smiley Sad




Many thanks,