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Security scan: report is broken


Security scan: report is broken

Hi all,


With another account, I set up the Magento Security Scan for a few Magento 1 CE applications. With one of them I have the issue that I can't see the security report. I can scan it, and then I'll see that it's LOW (thankfully!) but if I then try to view the report I get an empty screen and the PDF download button yields a corrupt PDF.


This seems to me to be an issue in the report viewing part of the security scan application, is there any way I can contact Magento about this?


Thanks for any help,


Toon Spin


Re: Security scan: report is broken


You can send your feedback or issues at  below email address.





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Re: Security scan: report is broken

I've emailed them and the team responded helpfully and quickly. Thanks!


It turns out that the server was giving back a 429 status code, which is unexpected and does not seem to have an error message.