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Series of inventory issues

Series of inventory issues

Hi all,


Hopefully this is the correct place for this...


We are currently using Magento, we have been successfully using Linnworks to control stock, it is set up via /api/xmlrpc/ which has worked for us for around a year.


Recently, seemingly randomly the inventory stopped updating, when Linnworks attempts to send a stock level. an error is reported "Unknown error: Failed while submitting inventory sync item with error"


GetInventory request is also failing with (Error: Cannot get products for type simple) Error: Unknown error.


Another error that has occurred, perhaps at the same time is an issue where a configurable product remains "in stock" despite all simple products  being marked as "out of stock"


Linnworks is still connecting to the API as new orders are downloaded, tracking is updated and products can be created, just appears to be this issue with inventory as a whole.


Any suggestions or thoughts on where to start?


Re: Series of inventory issues

Hello @mives


Are you using any module for that?


or you are using


Maybe you create the new website? or role resource changes for that user?

Magento Inventory Options mapping change.

Can you please check it?


 Hope it will help you if help you give kudos or mark as solution.

Re: Series of inventory issues

Hi Sunil,


I have set up the integration as per the following link:


We have the LinnLive extension in place and up to date, Linnworks have checked everything from their side and suggest that it is an issue within Magento.


I have attempted to remove the channel, changed the role and resources, new API key and re-integrated with no change.

Re: Series of inventory issues

Hello @mives


Can you enable log and check log for same?