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Setting Cookie Restriction Mode to Yes it creates trouble in Chrome browser

Setting Cookie Restriction Mode to Yes it creates trouble in Chrome browser

This is a Magento + Sample pack, no changes.

First Issue: COOKIE RESTRICTION MODE option set to Yes

1) Go to Backend, System -> Configuration -> Web. In section "Session Cookie Management" set "Cookie Restriction Mode" option from No to Yes.

2) Flush the cache and reload the Frontend. You will get a notice at the very bottom of the page informing you "This website requires cookies to provide all of its features [...]". Click on [Allow] button.

We have two behaviors and this is a Magento issue. In Chrome browser you will be redirected to CMS noCookies page. In Firefox everything goes just fine, the notice will disappear and you will get a new browser cookie named user_allowed_save_cookie having this value {"1":1}.

3) If you have EditThisCookie extension installed in Chrome browser add a new cookie as follows:

name: user_allowed_save_cookies
value: {"1":1}

Reload the page and see how the notice is hidden from now on. Conclusion: what Chrome gets from Magento generate a wrong information about cookies. Even the cookies (frontend, PHPSESSID, ... )are set up as usual by Magento and appearing in Chrome, the browser considers you cannot store cookies. Changing other cookie values in Backend it is not working (e.g. lifetime). Just see how Firefox works great without any changes.


This option should solve Chrome redirection to CMS noCookies page but it won't. Even you set "Redirect to CMS-page if Cookies are Disabled" option from Yes to No in Chrome browser clicking on [Allow] button won't hide the notice. You will be redirected to CMS noCookies page and browser still has no user_allowed_save_cookie added to the other Magento cookies (e.g. frontend).

This is a Magento bug and I reported it in Bug Tracker too.

Thank you.