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Shipping Fedex SmartPost Hub ID

Shipping Fedex SmartPost Hub ID

After many case#'s with Fedex tech support and much time on the phone with Fedex...they are telling me that my 4digit fed ex hub id is NOT being sent/passed to them when creating our shipment in magento.

Fedex is correct.

With the appropriate 4 digit Hub ID magento returns this error.

[result] => Array ( [error] => Invalid Smart Post Detail [code] => 8668

Fedex and the magento log shows that the reason for this error is that the 4 digit number is not being passed to fedex, nor is any of the shipment info.

However, At one point in the support conversations we were told that our actual Hub ID was a 5 digit number(this is incorrect because hub ids are 4 digits) BUTTTTT....when the 5 digit number is implemented the number IS passed to Fedex all shipping info parses but then we get an error

[HighestSeverity] => ERROR [Notifications] => stdClass Object ( [Severity] => ERROR [Source] => crs [Code] => 958 [Message] => SmartPost hub id is invalid. [LocalizedMessage] => SmartPost hub id is invalid

so ...the 4 digit hub id does not parse or pass info to fedex while the 5 digit(incorrect) hub id does.. but its an incorrect number.

nice dilemma

We need the 4 digit hub id number to send/pass to fed ex in order to process our smart post shipments with magento.

help wit this is greatly appreciated ~B.


Re: Shipping Fedex SmartPost Hub ID

Help ? anyone ....can someone help me figure out why magento is not sending the hubid to fedex ...please