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Shipping method not available

Shipping method not available

Can someone please help:

Website  Magento ver CE (all patches installed)


When SOME.. of our customers after purchasing a product, go to check out. Either as a registered customer or a guest.

Section 3 shipping method: ( USPS)  returns an error Shipping Method not available.

We only use USPS currently and have not come across this issue in the past until customers started calling us. 

We have re installed USPS with NEW APi .

We have tried to recreate the issue ( works great)

Followed customers that have had the issue and they still get the same

Some customers try to register on our site only to loose everything they entered.

we have read previous issues similar to what we have and tried everything on those threads.

I would be interested in seeing what you guys think or could do to help please.

Thank you for taking the time to read this..