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Shopping Cart Price Rule / Problem

Shopping Cart Price Rule / Problem



i have a strange problem with one shopping cart price rule ( coupon code ).

I Added a coupon code, without any restriction / Condition etc.. and should be working for all customer groups.


=> When i test the code / enter it in the cart it's telling me the code is invalid BUT

=> subtotal > 50 then its working -> can't imagine whats the problem here, i have no condition for the subtotal or something like that...

does anybody know what that could be / where to search?


greets and thanks


Re: Shopping Cart Price Rule / Problem




there are two condition fields in Magento: in the tab "Conditions" and in the tab "Action".

Check out wether both is empty.



Check out if all caches are properly working. Usualy there should be a big yellow warning in your Admin-Panel if it is not so.



If this does not help and you are advanced enough you could check out the "salesrule"-Table in your Magento SQL-Database.

(Important: make a Backup of the Database first!)

Just add from your Magento-Admin-Panel a new shopping cart price rule and check out wether it is working correctly.

Then go into you SQL-Database (for example using phpmyadmin (if installed)) go to the "salesrule" table and copy paste the entry of the collumns "conditions_serialized" and "actions_serialized" from the new price rule to the old one.


I hope I could help you