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Shopping Cart Price Rules do not apply


Shopping Cart Price Rules do not apply

Hello All!


I've been running a  magento site, not the original owner.


I've enabled 'Free Shipping' and set up 'Shopping Cart Price Rules'.

Free Shipping applies over $100, which works fine.

The shopping cart price rules seem to be being ignored, however.


The free shipping option was previously disabled, likely after a magento core upgrade, but I have no idea what the problem would have been or how to fix it now.


Are there known errors in previous updates, ie. 1.6 to 1.9? I have found and tried a few fixes, but nothing works.



Thank you for your time,



Re: Shopping Cart Price Rules do not apply

Seems like something is wrong with cart rule settings. Please, make sure that it is active and has not expired (period of validity). Moreover, check your conditions  -

magento subtotal rule.png

Here are also an article with a few more points to check -


also please specify if free shipping is enabled only in this rule or you have made some additional settings?

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Re: Shopping Cart Price Rules do not apply

Below are the settings for my 'Shopping Cart Price Rule'.

The status is actually Active, not Inactive.