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Shopping cart empty when checking out

Shopping cart empty when checking out



Issue1: When adding items to cart, site shows empty cart when checking out.

Issue2: Customers are logged out of the site too.


This usually happens to repeat visitors.


What we've tried so far:

1. Delete Browser Cookies -

    Result: this works sometimes but explaining this to customers on a daily basis hurts the business not to mention it's a bit difficult for them to navigate with the browser's settings.


2. Changed Magento 1 Cookie Domain to:  .(dot)<ourdomain>.com

   Result: Couldn't login of the Admin and Front-end


3. Checked hosting's file quota limit

    Result: Far from being full.


4. Changed Magento 1 Cookie from 3600 to 86400

    Result: Didn't work.


5.  Contacted my hosting support

     Result: Couldn't help


6. Planning to change the values from Software > PHP.INI (please check image attached for default values)




No extensions or codes where changed this year.


Thanks for the help.