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Show "From [lowest price]" or Price Range

Show "From [lowest price]" or Price Range

We just migrated from Zen Cart and have many products that have a $0.00 base price, with Custom Options with their respective prices (ie. prices for different sizes of towels, for example). It is my understanding that Magento takes the Custom Option and adds it to the Base Price (assuming Fixed Price Type for each Custom Option). What is the best approach to display a proper price on our pages?


It seems it would be better to display the range of Custom Options prices on the product pages, or perhaps "From $XX.XX", instead of $0.00.

On the other hand, we could update all our products to use the lowest price as the Base Price, but then we would have to re-price all of the Custom Options to subtract out the Base Price from the price for each option. This would be a great deal of work so I'm looking for a good solution to this problem.


Re: Show "From [lowest price]" or Price Range

I am having the same problem. The Magento User Guide even shows an example of  price ranges: but I cannot figure out how to show this on the catalog.




Very frustrating.

Re: Show "From [lowest price]" or Price Range


I do not understand why no Magento developers are responding to this thread? it shows right in the actual Magento 1.9 User Guide a configurable item with a price range. How do you enable this???


Someone either please answer this or whoever is responsible for creating the user guide to remove that graphic.




Thank you.Price Range (configurable products)

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